Report of the Meeting of the Batchmates held in Coimbatore on 25 December 2010
1. Present at the Meeting :
The following 14 batchmates attended the Coimbatore Meeting.
C. Amarendra
V. Jayaram Naidu
B. Koteswara Rao
P. Koteswara Rao
K. Krishnam Raju
M.L. Narasimham
N. Ramavatharam
D.V. Shankara Rao
G. Shivasankara Rao
M.V.K. Sivakumar
M. Sundara Ramam
C.R. Swaminathan
K. Venkateswara Rao
S. Venkat Reddy
B. Koteswara Rao, N. Ramavatharam and M.V.K. Sivakumar were accompanied by their wives.

2. Happy birthday to C.R. Swaminathan
All the batchmates from 1970 (40 years back) wished C.R. Swaminathan all the very best on his
birthday. They all thanked him for hosting the meeting so graciously in Coimbatore. The three
ladies in the room also wished him a very happy birthday.

3. Welcome by C.R. Swaminathan
Swaminathan welcomed all the batchmates to Coimbatore. Some joined later and some earlier
and he hoped that all the batchmates have a great stay in Coimbatore.

4. Introductions by batchmates
All the batchmates introduced themselves, giving a short account of their careers after they
graduated from Bapatla.

5. Report on Batchmates Meeting in Bapatla in December 2008
M.L. Narasimham presented a short report of the Batchmates Meeting held in Bapatla in
December 2008. Over 60 batchmates attended the meeting. After the meeting, some of the
batchmates contacted ML Narasimham. At the meeting, funds were announced to create a benefit fund. After the meeting, more batchmates contributed funds. In 2009, 25 batchmates met in Vizag and agreed that the next meeting would be held in Coimbatore. A Website was created and CDs were sent to all the batchmates. Photos were taken of all the batchmates who attended the meeting and were posted on the website.

6. Report of the Coordination Committee
The Committee consists of ML Narasimham, M. Sundara Ramam, D.V. Sankara Rao, G.
Shivashankar Rao, M.R. Sharif. The Committee met 6 times since December 2008. Discussions
concentrated on raising funds for the Bapatla 70 Endowment Fund being established by the 1970
ML Narasimham requested the batchmates to nominate someone else to replace him on the
Committee. It was decided that C. Amarendra, K. Amaresh, P. Koteswara Rao, N. Ramavatharam
and V. Jayaram Naidu will join the Committee.
Next meeting of the Committee will be held on 8 January at 1800 hrs at the house of D.V.
Shankara Rao. All the batchmates in Hyderabad are invited to the meeting.

7. Discussion on the Use of the Bapatla 70 Endowment Fund
Status of the fund as of 1 December 2010 was presented by M. Sundara Ramam. A Savings
Bank Account 13129 (AG College Bapatla 70 Endowment Fund) was opened at Indian Overseas
bank in Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad. Amount invested so far is Rs 2 lakhs at IOB in two deposits
(210900187 dated 3 march 2009 maturing on 21 Feb 2011 (8.5%); 510900663 dated 19 Aug 2009
maturing on 19 Aug 2011 (7%)). Interest accumulated will be Rs 32,000. Other contributions
received so far Rs 21,536. Total amount in the fund as of today is Rs 2,21,536. C.R. Swaminathan gave a cheque for Rs 1,00,000 immediately.
The meeting was informed that a number of donations were announced at the Bapatla Meeting to
the tune of Rs 1,90,232. Those who announced contributions in Bapatla should be contacted to
send their contributions as soon as possible. The meeting decided that the endowment fund
should be brought upto a minimum of Rs 5 lakhs to be collected by 31 Dec 2011. Fund should be
administered from 2012.

8. Discussion on Creating and Administering a Scholarship Fund at Bapatla College
M.V.K. Sivakumar initiated the discussion on creating and administering a Bapatla 70 scholarship
fund from the funds raised from the batchmates. The Meeting decided that three Scholarships (Rs12,000 each) should be given to poorest and meritorious students. It was proposed that the
college should submit a list of the students who deserve the scholarship (one student from each of the first, second and third years) and a Committee established by the college with membership of batchmates Ravikumar or Seshagirirao, based in Bapatla, could decide as to whom these
scholarships should be given. The awardees should not be receiving any other kind of financial
It was decided that the scholarship cheques should be presented during the annual college day.

9. Review of Bapatla 70 Website
M.V.K. Sivakumar showed the Bapatla 70 website and encouraged all the batchmates to make the
best use of the website to present information about themselves to all the batchmates. He
requested everyone to update the information about themselves on the website.
It was decided that a homage link should be added on the website giving information on
batchmates who passed away. A photo should be added, if possible. All batchmates who come to
Hyderabad meeting should collect information on this and provide this information at the meeting.
It was decided that the website should be continued and the expenses should be paid out of the
Endowment fund. Rs 7,500 paid by ML Narasimham for the website maintenance should be
refunded from the Endowment fund.

10. Excel Database on Batchmates
It was decided that an excel database should be created on the batchmates and should be posted on the website.

11. Discussion on the Next Meeting
Jayaram Naidu proposed that the next meeting be held at Vijayawada. Agricultural Officers
Association hall is available. There are many hotels nearby where accomodation can be provided.
It was decided that the meeting should be for a period of 2.5 days. Proposals were made to
organize a trip to Kondapalli and a launch trip to Amaravathi (one day).
The Meeting should be organized on 18 and 19 December 2011 in Vijayawada.
Jayaram Naidu (Mobile No. 9849469313) will act as the Coordinator for the proposed meeting at
Six focal points were selected from different regions:
Vizag: Amaresh (Mobile No. 9949658247)
Hyderabad: Sundararamam (Mobile: 9989267915)
Guntur: Amarendra (Mobile: 9290440178)
Tirupathi: Ramavatharam (Mobile No: 9441134524)
Vijayawada: Vivek Vardhan (Mobile No: 9849098422)
Bapatla: Seshagirirao (Mobile No:9440616645)
All the focal points were requested to widely disseminate the information on the meeting and
encourage all the batchmates to attend the meeting.

12. Vote of Thanks to C.R. Swaminathan
All the batchmates present at the meeting conveyed their sincere thanks to C.R. Swaminathan for
hosting the meeting so nicely in Coimbatore and for providing all the facilities to ensure that
everyone in nicely received, lodged and fed. Batchmates also thanked C.R. Swaminathan for
arranging many side trips to entertain everyone and for personally conducting a tour of the PSG
Institutes for the batchmates.
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